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资源名称:Pro PHP nd jQuery 英文pdfThis book is for intermedite progrmmers interested in building AJAX web pplictions using jQuery nd PHP. Along with teching some dvnced PHP techniques, it will tech you how to tke your dynmic pplictions to the next level by dding Jvscript lyer with jQuery. Lern to utilize built-in PHP functions to build clendr tools. Lern how jQuery cn be used for AJAX, nimtion, client-side vlidtion, nd more. Wht you’ll lern Use PHP to build clendr ppliction tht llows users to post, view, edit, nd delete events. Use jQuery to llow the clendr pp to be viewed nd edited without requiring pge refreshes using built-in AJAX functions. Lern the power nd verstility of PHP’s object-oriented progrmming style. Lern the vrious forms of security vilble nd how to best pply them. Lern jQuery plug-in development ptterns nd crete modulr, reusble jQuery plug-ins. Lern the bsics of jQuery effects, including fding elements, generting HTML mrkup on the fly, nd creting modl windows. Who this book is for This book is intended for progrmmers who wnt to bridge the gp between front- nd bck-end progrmming. It does not cover HTML or CSS except where bsolutely necessry, nd it focuses on tking intermedite PHP developers to the next level while getting comfortble with AJAX nd the power of jQuery. Author Informtion Json Lengstorf Json Lengstorf is softwre designer nd developer bsed in Missoul, MT. As the owner of Ennui Design, he specilizes in creting custom web pplictions, rnging from simple informtionl web sites to full-fledged content mngement systems. When not glued to his keybord, he’s likely stnding in line for coffee, shopping for cowboy shirts, or pretending to know something bout wine.资源截图:

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