The javascript Pocket Guide pdf

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Jvscript is n object-oriented scripting lnguge tht enbles you 
to modify document’s structure, styling, nd content in response to 
user ctions. This hndy pocket serves s both quick introduction to 
the lnguge nd cts vluble reference. It’s pcked with tips s 
well s Jvscript syntx, methods, nd properties. Concise nd 
inexpensive, it’s exctly the guide mny web designers nd developers 

Jvscript over the yers hs relly prgressed into the most used 
progrmming lnguge on the web tody. Almost every website tody uses 
some form of Jvscript, whether it be used within server-side 
progrmming technology like ASP.NET or Jvscript librry like jQuery 
or Mootools, or YUI or creting UI components like widgets. Jvscript 
is everywhere nd if you do ny sort of web design or development you 
need to get hng on it. 

There re lots of online resources on Jvscript, nd I men LOTS. 
But it my tke you while to go through it ll to find wht you 
specificlly wnt. So there re LOTS of books you cn get s well on 
Jvscript, but if you lredy hve bsic understnding of Jvscript, 
most re wy more thn you need. When your working on something, you 
just need quick nd esy wy to find reference on n object or 
property or technique in Jvscript nd this book will be exctly wht 
you need. 

This is n excellent book covering ll the bsics, lnguge syntx, 
object bscis, DOM properties nd methods, Ajx overview nd much more. 
This ‘little’ book covers more thn you could every imgine nd lso 
covers more intermeidte-dvnced topics such s creting drop-down 
menus, imge slide-shows, Ajx, nd much more. 

I love this little book nd will be the first book I grb for when I 
need to figure out something in Jvscript. Best money cn buy! 

About the Author 
In the seventh grde, Lenny Burdette checked out the book Tech Yourself 
HTML in 24 Hours from the public librry, nd the rest, s they sy, is 
history. Since grduting from UCLA, Burdette hs worked t Schemtic 
in Los Angeles, Cliforni, where he is the reigning Guitr Hero 
chmpion. Schemtic (// is digitl mrking 
gency tht hs given him opportunities to develop Jvscript for Web 
sites, e-commerce pltforms, TV, nd mobile. 



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