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资源名称:AngulrJS Directives 英文PDFLern how to crft dynmic directives to fuel your single-pge web pplictions using AngulrJSOverviewLern how to build n AngulrJS directiveCrete extendble modules for plug-nd-ply usbilityBuild pps tht rect in rel-time to chnges in your dt modelIn DetilAngulrJS, propelled by Google, is quickly becoming one of the most populr Jvscript MVC frmeworks vilble, working to invert the development prdigm nd bring dt-driven modulrity to the web frontend. Directives serve s the core building blocks in AngulrJS nd enble you to crete reusble models tht mold round your dt structures nd brethe new life into the intersection of HTML nd Jvscript.AngulrJS Directives serves s n in-depth study of some of the core fetures of AngulrJS nd provides you with ll the knowledge you need to crete fully dynmic web pplictions tht respond in rel-time to chnges in dt. You’ll lern how to build directives from the ground up s well s some of the best prctices for rchitecting them. By the end of this book, you’ll be ble to crete web ppliction comprised of multiple modules ll working together semlessly to provide the best possible user experience.AngulrJS Directives strts by investigting the best prctices for single-pge ppliction development overll before diving into how AngulrJS directives fulfill those gols. At ech step, you’ll lern both the how nd why of wht we’re building, nd by the end, you’ll not only know the fcts necessry to crete directive, but you’ll lso hve the knowledge to decide how best to ssemble it.You’ll lso lern why it’s best to build pplictions with the dt-model s your foundtion, how to crft new dynmic modules tht communicte with ech other, how to build widgets tht cn be embedded in third-prty websites, nd even how to crete custom inputs so your users cn intuitively interct with your dt. In AngulrJS Directives, you’ll lern ll the necessry tools to begin rchitecting your own directives nd how to use them in the construction of more dynmic Web.Wht you will lern from this bookCrft dynmic module tht reflects dt chnges in rel-timeCrete n interconnected single-pge pplictionBuild third-prty widgetsConsume existing content nd integrte it into your directiveIntegrte AngulrJS with jQuery pluginsCommunicte with other modules vi messgingUnit test your AngulrJS directiveSet up nd execute browser functionlity tests with the Angulr Scenrio RunnerApprochThis book uses prcticl, step-by-step pproch, strting with how to build directives from the ground up before moving on to creting web pplictions comprised of multiple modules ll working together to provide the best user experience possible.Who this book is written forThis book is intended for intermedite Jvscript developers who re looking to enhnce their understnding of single-pge web ppliction development with focus on AngulrJS nd the Jvscript MVC frmeworks.It is expected tht reders will understnd bsic Jvscript ptterns nd idioms nd cn recognize JSON formtted dt.资源截图:

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