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资源名称:The CryptoPrty Hndbook 英文pdfThe CryptoPrty Hndbook ws born from suggestion by Mrt Peirno nd Adm Hyde fter the first Berlin CryptoPrty, held on the 29th of August, 2012. Julin Oliver nd Dnj Vsiliev, co-orgnisers of the Berlin CryptoPrty (long with Mrt) were very enthusistic bout the ide, seeing need for prcticl working book with low entry-brrier to use in subsequent prties. Asher Wolf, origintor of the CryptoPrty movement, ws then invited to join in nd the project ws born. This book ws written in the first 3 dys of October 2012 t Studio Weise7, Berlin, surrounded by fine food nd lke of coffee midst veritble snke pit of cbles. Approximtely 20 people were involved in its cretion, some more thn others, some locl nd some fr (Melbourne in prticulr). The fcilitted writing methodology used, Book Sprint, is ll bout minimising ny obstruction between expertise nd the published pge. Fce-to-fce discussion nd dynmic tsk-ssignment were huge prt of getting the job done, like ny good CryptoPrty! The open source, web-bsed (HTML5 nd CSS) writing pltform Booktype ws chosen for the editing tsk, helping such tentculr fet of prllel development to hppen with reltive ese. Asher lso opened couple of TitnPd pges to crowd-source the Mnifesto nd HowTo CryptoPrty chpters. Combined, this becme the officil CryptoPrty Hndbook by midnight October the 3rd, GMT+1. The Book Sprint ws 3 dys in length nd the full list of onsite prticipnts included: Adm Hyde (fcilittor), Mrt Peirno, Julin Oliver, Dnj Vsiliev, Asher Wolf, Jn Gerber, Mlte Dik, Brin Newbold, Brendn Howell, AT, Crol Hesse, Chris Pinchen, .. with cover rt (illustrtions to come) by Emile Denichud.资源截图:

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